Types of Door Handles

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Back Plate Lever Door Handles
When you need elegance and sophistication for an older door, or perhaps to compliment an older style house, then you should consider purchasing some back plate lever handles. These are designed to have the familiar elongated escutcheon, which works both as a thumb plate for the hand while it is using the door and an attractive ornament when the door is not in sure. These features mean that they are very popular with home owners, and can add an element of traditional furniture style both inside and outside the house.

Monet Door Handles
These handles have a very long back plate, around 180mm from end to end, with the door emerging from the plate for about 47mm. The handle is gently curved, with a slight upward lift at the end to give extra comfort to the user. Made in rose brass with brushed nickel, or PVD brass, or a bright coffee-coloured metal, the Monet set of door handles comes with fixing screws and a 7.9mm spindle which can simply be pushed through the door. For users who want extra security, it is possible to buy the Monet handles with a lock in the base of the plate. This lock can then be attached to the 3-lever mortice lock which is also available in this range, and will provide security when used on the outside door of a home.
Nimbus Door Handles
The Nimbus is a completely different style from the Monet, and this shows most clearly in the handle, which is designed rather in the shape of a hairbrush, with a large extending shaft which is connected to the spindle inside the door, and then a rounded lever designed to be used to open the door. This rounded edge is covered with a different colour metal, intended to show off the different stages of the design. The lever is carefully made to ensure the most comfort possible to the user. This design appears in colours of brushed nickel with a polished chrome edge.
Storm Door Handles
While the Storm door handle could be described as an attempt to mix and match the two previous options, it really stands out on its own. The very long back plate is 185mm, over 50mm more than the length of the lever handle (which is 127mm). The handle itself is slightly curved, although not enough to be very noticeable, and is a single length of handle, rather like the Monet. It features the different colour metal on the palm pad, as exhibited by the Nimbus, which makes it an ideal match for a more modern house. The Storm door handle is also available with a lockable back plate which again matches a mortice lock in the same style.
When you are looking for door handles with an additional back plate, you need to consider the different roles which style and tradition can play in the design of the door handles. The back plate is a very traditional feature of doors, and can be seen on most Victorian-age homes, but the plate can also be adapted for more modern use, showing that it is adaptable for the times we live in. If you have a traditional home, then you may choose a more traditional back plate design, but for people living in new-build houses, modern back plate features on handles can provide the nod to tradition that they were looking for, without sacrificing style.

Most modern back plate door handles feature brushed nickel and chrome designs which flatter the design of the plate, creating a mirrored surface that can really attract attention wherever they are placed.
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costello said...

Thanks for providing most useful information traditional feature of doors lock. Security Doors keep your family and property protected against crimes like kidnapping and robbery.

Rolly Corvin said...

Most door handles nowadays are very durable, and it's great to know that manufacturers are taking steps to improve the quality of their products. My door handle's been there for almost a decade now, and it's still good as new.

Rolly Corvin

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