How to Choose the Right Door Handle for Your House

Posted by Admin on Sunday, April 17, 2011

Used by every member of the family, door handles are an important part in planning the interior of the house. Choosing the right type gives a complete look to a new or a refinished door. This is the part of the interior design that most people usually ignore. Those with good aesthetic sense, however, are very choosy about the look and feel of the door with respect to the handles attached. It does ruin the affect of the d├ęcor style, if it is not matched in accordance with the door look. It can add elegance to a room since, the door is the first thing people encounter when they enter a room. So they are important accessories in terms of interior decoration.
Because it is used quite a number of times in a day, the quality of door handles should be able to resist the pressures exerted on them. It is a positive attitude not to consider choosing handles as wastage of time as they are part of the house interior to be used frequently. Some important tips in choosing these can help out in the process of fitting the right handle to the door.

  • Choosing door handles is to be based upon the usage at home. Homes with children or disabled people need aspects of safety and durability in consideration. Many door handle styles include safety locks for children or ease levers for disabled people.
  • The prime thing to consider in choosing door handles is the budget kept for it. A prospective way to compare prices is to browse through online catalogues of companies offering ranges of the very simple to very stylish and attractive door handles. Also considering the fact that such accessories are long term, quality needs to be maintained and not compromised. Companies dealing with interiors also provide door style advisory service which can be a relief for those who face trouble in picking the right door product.
  • The style of the door is very important and most handles are made to fit a particular door style. A good strategy is to choose a handle that complements the style of the door, so that it stands out not diminishing the style of the door too. For example, slick doors do not go with antique door handles. If the door is not at a very common place at home or not to be used a lot, simple handles are good options.
  • Types of handles also depend on the area of residence. For example homes based near the ocean tend to get rust on everything specially the doors and the door handles, stainless steel handles are made for such houses.
  • There are some sorts of door handles that are never a good option for any home usage. Handles that have sharp edges always have a hazard to go through. Irrespective of children or adult homes, such handles are always uncomfortable.
  • Choosing handles based on locks is also a good approach to forth usage. People might want different lock systems for different rooms. For example, a manual locking system for bedrooms and alert locking system for bathrooms. Most styles also offer auto locking system for security purposes. Door handles without locks are suitable for kitchen and passages.

Door handles provide finishing to the door which can add a classy effect to the room. Many companies now also offer a designer range in handles which can boost up the effect on the room. They can be expensive at times so carefully planned choice on these products can put ease on the budget for the house interior.
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