Doubling-Up Of The Home Drainage

Posted by Admin on Saturday, April 9, 2011

By virtue of this article we are going to tell the viewers an easy way to avoid the losses of leakage of home drainage to the home structure. This easy way is the doubling of the home drainage. This doubling is a different from a common doubling. Your home draining is of either cement, plastic or iron pipes, after its completion and proper checking with regard to leakage, cover it with a pipe of any metal of such size that between both the lines a space of at least one inch should be there. This outer pipeline should also be checked like interior. Through filling the space between both the lines with water and pressurizing it check it. No leakage should be in this upper line like the lower. Thickness of the pipe of upper line should be reasonable like the basic line pipe.

Of course the ends of both the lines would into the main sewerage. Since only the lower line is being used for the disposal of used water/wastages, therefore the space between both the lines would be vacant. The end of this outer line should be so behind the end of basic line that the disposing off water should not touch the end of upper line. To check at the need ends of both the lines should be exposed.
By doing this you are free from the tension of loss to your home structure due to a hidden leakage of the draining line. Whenever you would check your draining disposal, you would be able to see easily the status of the upper line. Till the time no water is found in the space, your basic draining line is quite healthy.
Even if there is any leakage in the basic drain line, and you could not check the draining for a reasonable time for any reason. You should not be worried because for so much time the upper draining line is sufficient to successfully dispose off the water coming out as a result of leakage in the basic line.
And when you find the disposal of waste water from the upper line, from the flow/quantity of the water you can assess about the leakage. It would be due to the upper line that you would have not to treat the situation as an emergency. You would be strongly in the position to manage the repairing. You would have not to stop the usage of bathrooms, kitchen etc. forthwith.
With the consultation of the plumber you would be able to manage every thing. The plumber will start the work at the suitable time. Due to double line, draining line can be cleaned with a fast flow of clean water. Then by stopping the supply and removing the upper line the basic line can be repaired or replaced. Of course both the lines would be rendered leakage proof by the plumber with proper checking after repairing or replacing. Thus you would be satisfied and comfortable for next many years.
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