15 Facts About The Stink Bugs Infestation

Posted by Admin on Sunday, April 24, 2011

We can talk about a real infestation problem when a big population of Stink Bugs invades your garden or home. Normally you will see them here and there during the spring and summer, but when you notice the whole army marching on your territory, then you should know you got yourself in trouble.
Here are some facts you should know about the infestation in order to fight it with success:
1. The favorite food of the stink bugs are really juicy fruits and plants which they can suck juices from. Examples are tomatoes, apples, cucumbers or could be even some types of grass.
2. The place where the insect sucked juice will become,b>yellowish or brown turning it into a no-good for consumption product.
3. Pesticides are one of the most common ways to fight an infestation on your plants.
4. Pesticides will kill not only Shield Bugs, but also some insects which are beneficial to the fruits and vegetables, so be careful.
5. There are many "do-it-yourself" non-toxic solutions for pest control, but be wise - most of them are not proven to work and some of them sound unreasonable (like spraying them with hot sauce)

6. Natural predators are considered a good way for a Shield Bug population control. Finding a predator feeding on stink bugs though is a hard task (due to the fact that Stink Bugs smell) and most of them are also considered agricultural pest.
7. Your house is also not insured against infestation. More and more households are complaining of the raising numbers of the insects coming inside their homes and making a good living place out of it.
8. The reason for them coming inside are:
• There is a garden or farm nearby
• You have brought them in by working in your garden and not inspecting your clothes carefully
• You have cracks on your home which you did not seal
• You have left the windows open during the night with lights on which attracted them
• They are coming because they are looking for a warm place to hide from the worsening weather conditions outside
9. Once your home is infested it will not be easy to find the Stink Bugs. They are looking for isolated and dark places to hide.
10. During the autumn they will hibernate until the weather outside is cold enough that you start warming up your house. Then you will start seeing the smelly bugs coming out - so don't be surprised that it's winter and you have them, because they came in before the winter.
11. The reproduction rate of the Shield Bugs is very high, so take measures as soon as you see just a few of them. Do not wait until you start seeing armies.
12. Their protective odor is produced by a toxin containing fluid. This smell is actually attracting more bugs to come inside.
13. It takes four to eight months for the smell to go away by itself.
14. Kill the old ones and clean wherever you may find eggs in order to stop the reproduction.
15. Be prepared for a hard fight, but know that there ARE ways to get rid of them completely and permanently.

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