You Can Build Your Own Gazebo and Save a Lot of Money

Posted by Admin on Sunday, March 20, 2011

Building your own gazebo all by yourself can be quite intimidating. Whether it's the square gazebo or hexagonal, there are often many factors involved. From the artwork to the materials' list, to the shape and to the plans, odds are that you may find the whole thing difficult and stressful. However, you needn't be worried whether you can pull it off or not. This is because with the right information and tools, you can build your own gazebo without any extra help. To do this, here are a few steps you should take:
 1. Get Information on Gazebo Building
There are quite a few places where you can get this information from. But the most popular and the easiest is the internet. There are tons of websites and membership sites with information on gazebo building.
Some of these websites are free and others are paid. Most of the free websites have just skeletal information that will not help you do a very fine job. It's not that the information isn't accurate; it's just that it is not often comprehensive and detailed enough to be made use of.
On the other hand, there are a few paid membership websites or information products packed with videos and blueprints, and designs that you can use and learn as you go. In fact, some of these websites offer such clear and concise information that all you have to do is watch and repeat; simple.
2. Get Plans and Designs
After you may have gotten the information on how to build a gazebo, the next thing you would need are plans and designs. To get this, you can easily contact a handyman or a general builder for designs. On the other hand, you could search the internet for plans and designs. Usually, you should find a large number of designs ranging from the square gazebos to the hexagonal gazebos. You will even find Mediterranean, Asian, Oriental and Antique designs and plans. So, you'll have a ton of ideas to choose from.
3. Get the Right Tools
Usually, the right information often includes the right materials. So, you would require the right tools. Tools commonly used in building a gazebo include the woodwork, electrical fixtures if you want any cupolas, floor panels, gussets, rafters, and doors and so on. You should also find out what glue, roof sheathing, fascia board, window sills, screen doors and panels and nails you need for putting the structure together. If you need a more comprehensive list, here it is:
Work Gloves
Pre-cut floor and wall panels
Wooden Gusset and rafter Pieces
Rim Sections
Center Support Block
Roofing Materials
Measuring Tape
Shingles and screws
4. Get Information on Accessories and Decorations
If you do not want to your gazebo to look bare, you should seriously consider using accessories and decorations to add some spice and liveliness to it. You can add drapes, paint it, and add seats and any other thing you feel would make it comfortable.
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