Use Color and Furniture in Office Design For Workday Productivity

Posted by Admin on Monday, March 21, 2011

Whether you are looking to redesign a large corporate office or a small home office, you will want to consider some of the many options that are available to make the day a bit more productive.
From walls colors to the office furniture, these elements can pay a big part in how efficient the employees are during the day.
While there is much more to consider for the best effect, it seems as though the colors and the furnishings are what will create a positive and comforting office design environment that will keep the productivity going all day long.

 Making the color choices for the walls is truly one of the most important aspects of good office design.  Every color choice will convey a different feeling for the employees working in the office.   The bright white walls that used to be the standard for any office are no longer used as they once were.  This is because they often cause the employees to be more irritable and anxious from being in such a bright environment that causes eye fatigue.
As with any room, either in a home or an office, it is best to use a muted color, such as a pale blue, so that those within the room will feel more comfortable and relaxed.
This simple change will often increase productivity by itself because the employees are no longer in a stressful environment.
The other concern with office design is the style of furniture.  Ergonomically designed furniture is a necessity for any office environment because of the long hours the employees tend to spend at their desks.
Chairs and desks that are designed in this manner take the stress out of sitting all day long.  Many offices have found that offering furniture with soft seating helps their employees to get much needed breaks from sitting at a desk.
The same goes for the traditional meeting room which is now changing to  lounge like environment with more comfortable seating. In the process of redesigning any office, it is best to consider all of the factors that go into the office design.
The focus seems to be on creating a welcoming and casual environment because the employees will be more open for discussion and have better inspired ideas.
Many business owners are finding that upon making these simple changes, the productivity in their offices increases dramatically.
Patrick Seah is a Internet marketer and Business Consultant whose passion is helping people.
He writes articles about office design frequently. From design elements, choosing furniture, lightings, themes...Find out more about office design.

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