Basement Designs to Stay Away From

Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Having a finished basement and a unique design can be a lot of fun. I didn't have such luck with my basement, but if you avoid the mistakes I made, your basement designs will go a lot more smoothly. Read on so you won't need to kick yourself in the rear later.
The first think you should look at when deciding on your basement designs is the humidity or moisture that might arise. For instance, I had this brilliant idea that I wanted a hot tub in my basement. You know, so everyone would have a place to relax. It did not turn out to be such a great idea like I had hoped. The extra moisture the hot tub would put out can turn into a huge problem.

 Too much moisture will ultimately lead to mold and rotting wood, neither of which lends itself well to successful basement designs. If you really want a place to entertain, make sure to stick with something dry like a game room or media center. These are great ways to hang out and are nice dry basement designs.
If you run a business from home you may have considered adding a shop or salon in your basement. There are a lot of things you may not have considered in these types of basement designs.
I read about a lady who did crafts and sold them very successfully. She decided to convert her basement into a shop to keep from having to lug her things to a flea market or day fair. The customers, of course, had to come in through the living area of her home to get to the basement, and some days, she just didn't feel like cleaning up.
What would happen of a customer was stepping over the dirty laundry and slipped on a hot wheels car? Unless you keep your house immaculately clean all the time, this may not be one of the best basement designs to go with. If you want to use your basement for your business, make it your personal office. Check out some other option for customers to visit.
Here are a few other things to avoid when you are choosing from different basement designs:
- Don't choose basement designs that include having a lot of books in your basement, clothing, or a karaoke machine. The books can soak up extra moisture and become damaged. The clothing can also soak up moisture, and will mildew and ruin. The karaoke machine is just not a good idea unless every friend you have is a good singer.
- Don't choose basement designs that include carpeting or hardwood floors. You will be replacing it every few years due to damage from the moisture. Instead, go for stone floors, or ceramic tile.
- Finally, don't choose basement designs that feature guest suites, guest rooms, or guest areas unless you are actually interested in having guests.
Visit Basement Idea to discover more fantastic basement ideas and simple ways to finish your basement. Good luck with your basement designs, and use the tips and ideas above to keep you on track. Ending up satisfied with your finished basement is the goal here, and you can do it if you know what to stay away from.

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